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About Chef Chikara Sono

For many of fans of Chef Sono, he is not just a chef - he is an artist, an entertainer, the producer of unforgettable food experiences.  A beloved NYC-based chef, Chikara Sono has led the Kaiseki revolution in NYC to offer diners the whole experience of food - the beauty, the freshness, and the cycle of life - through his cooking.   

He is formerly the Executive Chef at multi-year Michelin Star restaurant in East Village, Kyo-ya, for 12 years. While at Kyo-ya, his dishes have received critical acclaim, receiving a three-star review from the NY Times (NY Times Review). 

To continue his life work of "Delivering happiness to all", he is now behind the Omakase Bento Box movement - his creations will now be available via Brooklyn Ball Factory, and can be ordered online for delivery. 

Whether it's foraged and found mushrooms from Seattle or fresh Tuna Belly from Japan, his mastery and skill in bringing out the ingredients' true flavors will be showcased in his bento boxes.

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Bento Boxes Available for Purchase or Delivery

Produced and cooked by Chef Sono and the team at Brooklyn Ball Factory. We have multiple options for your needs. Please see below. 

All seasonal, photos are for images only; items subject to change.  

Irodori Bento - $43 per set

a box filled with different types of food

Irodori Bento comes the bento box + miso soup + dessert (pictured is dorayaki)

***Must be reserved at least 3 business days in advance. No orders/deliveries on Mondays***

Chef's Omakase Bento - $60 per set

With careful attention to seasonality and the best ingredients available,  Chef Sono will create one-of-a-kind "omakase" bento experience. Format will be similar to Irodori, but the content inside will be upgraded. Below is a sample. 

***Must be reserved at least 1 week in advance. No orders/deliveries on Mondays***

a container with food in it

Chef's Una-Ju Set (Unagi - Eel) - $48 per set

Chef's Una-ju (Eel) is the perfect meal to fuel your day. The set comes with a filling box of grilled unagi + rice with chef's sauce,  chawan-mushi full of dashi flavor, miso-soup (upon request), and homemade dorayaki for dessert (rum-raisin filling with azuki).  

***Must be reserved at least 3 business days in advance***

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Chef's Onigiri Bento Set (Price below)

Onigiri bento has a special place in all of our hearts for its simple wholesomeness. Included in the bento set are 2 types of onigiri (Salmon and Kombu) wrapped in Japanese seaweed, and comes with karaage (Japanese fried chicken), tamago-yaki (egg-omelette, Japanese style), homemade pickles, edamame, miso soup (upon request), and dorayaki for dessert (rum-raisin filling with azuki). It also comes in a reusable bamboo leaf box, a type of Japanese craft, that you can use over and over again at home! 

Pricing: For quantities of 1-9 sets per order/delivery, each set is $23 each. For orders of 10-19 sets, we will apply a 10% discount ($20.70), and 15% discount will be applied to orders of 20+ or more ($19.55), plus standard delivery fee and tax. Perfect for large gatherings, meetings, and parties! 

***Must be reserved at least 3 business days in advance***

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Private Catering / Chef Available

Chef Sono is available  dinnertime Saturday or Sunday for a 7 course seasonal Kaiseki meal, for up to 6 people at the location of your choice (within 10 miles of Brooklyn Ball Factory - for other locations, please inquire).  For photos of his beautiful Kaiseki work in the past, please visit his instagram

Price: $250 per person (up to 6) + $1,000 fixed private catering fee. 

Additional fees for assistants, delivery. 

Please inquire at least 1 week in advance. 

How to Order

We accept  pick up orders at Brooklyn Ball Factory from minimum 2 bentos; deliveries will be minimum of 10 bento boxes. Limited to 25 bentos per day.  Orders must be placed at least 3 business days in advance (1 week for Omakase bento). Please email with your contact info to order the bento box and we will take it from there!

Photos curtesy of Ken Hikofu (instagram)